Naomi "Sparky" Dent

Jan. 22, 1932 - July 4, 2015

Sparky was known for her trick riding in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.  She started trick riding in 1946.  She was hired to go to Havana, Cuba in 1951 to showcase her riding skills.  She was a trick rider for 30 years where she trick rode across the United States.  She met the love of her life while on the Rodeo circuit and she married Chuck Dent in 1952.  Chuck and Sparky moved to Vero Beach in 1952 where they were hired to  build the first Indian River Riding Club.  In 1953 they bought land west of Winter Beach that became their homestead.   After retiring in 1976 the began increasing their herd of miniature horses.  The became the owners and operators of the Dent Family Miniature Horse Ranch until their deaths.

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