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Pasturing Miniature Horses:


We feel that the upkeep of pasture is very important in the quality of a miniature horses life.  Some

pastures need more attention then others.  In Florida the quality of a pasture is measured by the

amount of time that a person puts into the attention of the grass.  Some pastures are on more sandy

type soil while other are in lower richer soil.   The sandy type soil needs more added attention with

lightly fertilization several times a year.  Miniature horses like most horses have favorite grazing areas

in the each pasture.  The shorter grass areas provide sweeter and more protein the grass contains and

they will graze those areas first before grazing on the taller grass.  It is important to try and us a rotation

 system with your pastures, allowing for mowing and growth of the grazed pastures.  Keeping a pasture

short, specially during the fast growing season of summer, provides more grazing area that miniature

horses will cover.  Once a pasture gets to tall it loses its tenderness and protein.   They will then

bypass the taller grass completely.   By keeping a pasture mowed back and allowing the short grass

to grow and shorten the taller grass to obtain more protein you get more grazing area out of a pasture.

   Lightly fertilizing a pasture twice a year, late summer and mid winter.  You obtain a pasture with

plenty of grazing grass for most of the year.  Some lower, richer, and moisture pastures require less

 fertilization.   Around the first of December we pick out certain pastures that have been grazed down

and plant gulf rye grass to keep some pastures with grass after the winter frosts hit.  With some rain,

by mid February the spring grass starts growing for the new year.  Pastures should be large enough

for them to run and play and get the necessary exercise they need.

Photo of a few mares turned into a rested pasture mid summer.

Photo of a pasture planted in rye grass mid January.

Photo of a few maternity mares end of January on winter rye grass.





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