Welcome to our Photo of the Week Page.   Some will be current photos of miniature horses, while others will be photos from the past. 





"Nice sunny, warm temperatures in Florida in January."


Photo taken 1/11/2010



"Being first born I did not think about a wind chill in the mid 20's"

Photo taken 2/27/2007


Past weekly photos listed below

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Miniature horse foal with blanket

Ready for the Big Chill in Florida

Miniature horse mares in pasture.

Being in the maternity pasture in mid Feb equals greener grass

Boy with miniature horse foal.  Boy with running miniature horse foal.

The beginning of the 4th generation of miniature horse breeder

Girl kissing miniature horse foal in 1989

Flashback to 1989

Chuck and granddaughter Torrie with miniature horse foal in 1979

Flashback to 1979: Chuck and granddaughter Torrie

Jackie and black pinto miniature horse weanling.

Flashback to 1991:  Jackie with her filly Dent Painted Dove

Dent Sidneys Gold Rush showing off the day before leaving for his new home.

Photo taken March 30, 2007


Photo taken April 3, 2007

Flashback:  Part of the weanling pen in 1982


"Hey Mom.  Over here.  He has a camera."

Photo taken in 1991


Dent Spotted Fawn and foal Dent Fancy Camilina jumping a small drainage ditch.

Photo taken in 4/24/2007

Turn up the music cause I am in a struttin mood.

Photo taken 5/09/2007

"Did somebody mention a struttin contest going on around here?"

Photo taken 5/14/2007

"How high can you jump?"

Photo taken 5/20/2007


Grass in December

Photos taken 12/01/2007